by the conference chairs

Dear Participants and dear Colleagues,

this publication contains the full texts of the Plenary Lectures, Papers and Posters presented at the AIA-DAGA 2013 Conference on Acoustics, the Euroregio joint event which included the 39th annual congress of DEGA and the 40th annual congress of AIA.

It thus reviews the scientific content of a conference which exceeded all expectations. As you probably already know, AIA-DAGA 2013, held in Merano from March 18 to 21, 2013, achieved resounding success, both for its scientific significance and the impressive attendance.

Regarding the scientific aspects of this event, it is worth mentioning the 6 keynote lectures, the 644 papers included in the 59 general and structured sessions and the 136 posters, discussed in two different sessions. In addition, 38 European companies, operating in many fields of Acoustics, took part in the exhibition on instrumentation at Kurhaus and another 7 companies sponsored the conference by scientific literature and other means, giving the participants a unique opportunity to upgrade their technical skills.

Regarding the Conference attendance, it is worth mentioning that there were more than 1300 participants, coming not only from Italy and Germany but also from many other European and Extra-European Countries. Together with the satellite events (EAA Winter School, DEGA Precolloquium, two AIA workshops and another 28 meetings on various topics), Merano was able to attract more than 1700 people, thus being for one week the capital of our important discipline of Acoustics indeed!

The density of acousticians, the immediate vicinity of a picturesque city within its breathtaking landscape and the bicultural spirit of Southern Tyrol were able to improve and strengthen the professional and personal spirit of friendship between the delegates, the Italian and German Acoustical societies and their European and International Acoustical environment.

The great success of this Conference is due to the valuable synergies developed among many parts. First of all it is due to the many participating colleagues, their qualified scientific contributions and their active and sociable presence in Merano. Then it is due to the whole Conference organization staff of AIA-DAGA/Euroregio 2013 who has worked hard in close cooperation for 4 years, doing its best to set up good conditions for such a big event.

Last but not least, this success is due to the support and effective cooperation of various local entities (Autonomous Province of Bolzano, Bolzano Environmental Protection Agency, Merano Municipality and Merano Tourist Office) as well as to the friendliness and warmth we received from the people of South Tyrol during our stay in Merano.